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Used their service recently. Did a great job. Prompt and good quality. Will recommend to anyone looking for hassle free glass/sticker work in Bangalore.
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I am very happy with the product and service.

Very friendly and helpful while selecting right thing for business.
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Thanks to the entire AFS team.
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Good products with very prompt and quality service.
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Good and quality work.Delivery and service on time .Designs are pretty good .
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What do you call the film that goes on glass and makes it obscure?

We call it frosted window film, frosted glass film or window frosting film. Just don’t call it fablon! We have a wide selection of privacy window films.

What type of window film do you supply?

You name it, we probably have it. We have a wide range of frosted films, plain, patterned or printed; we also do solar control films for when things get too hot or too bright, safety films to make old glass secure, stained glass film to give your windows that period look, and a whole range of bespoke products , printed wallpaper and Customized frosted.

What is window film?

Window film is a thin sheet of plastic, usually vinyl or polyester which is designed to stick or cling to the surface of glass and for a variety of uses – be it for privacy, decorative, solar or safety requirements.
We have a large range of products manufactured exclusively for Purlfrost, backed with our trademark paper which has a metric grid printed on it for ease of marking and cutting.

How long does window film last?

Most of our internal window films last for 10 year, once applied correctly and would usually last much longer, unless you fancy a change!

I’m looking to put up a privacy film that I can see out of but no one can see in.

We’re often asked about a mirror film that allows you to look out, but people can’t see in. Mirror film is in effect a Reflective window film, commonly used on commercial properties.
It works as intended only during daytime hours, as the level of light inside needs to be lower than outside. So at night, it works in reverse.

Alternative solutions:

  • Use a frosted film but do not cover the whole window, position it so that it is slightly above eye level to prevent passersby from looking directly into your room. You can still leave an area clear to enjoy your view.
  • Use a partial obscure Window Film. Some areas are clear, some are frosted. This will not create total privacy, but will deter onlookers as they shall have to get close to the glass to see through.

How does window film work?

Solar control films are made of several layers, including a metallized layer, designed to control the amount of sunlight and infra red light going through the glass.
The darker the film, the more effective it is, so be prepared to sacrifice some daylight. Window film is applied internally directly to the glass, and the effect is immediate.

What is Frost film?

Frost film is premium grade vinyl film, specially designed to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass. It’s a little like contact, however designed and developed specifically for windows, and to withstand a harsh environment.
It’s easy to clean (just give it a wipe).

What is Frost & Co frosted glass film?

Frost & Co window film is a premium grade sign making vinyl film, specially designed to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass. It’s a little like contact, however designed and developed specifically for windows, and to withstand a harsh environment.
It’s easy to clean (just give it a wipe).
It won’t crack or peel in the sun (like cheaper films) and comes with premium quality.
The film lets in the light, but gives you complete privacy even at night with the lights on.
The film can be used inside or outside, in bathrooms and laundries. However we do not recommend it is used behind a stove, or on the inside of a shower screen.
If you ever decide to change designs or you want to look out your window again, it simply peels off without damaging the glass.

Can I make changes to the designs?

Yes. You can create a specific design to match your needs – if you want a logo cut into your office door… words…
patterns… cut outs – and if you need help with deciding what will work best for you, we can assist you.

Can I see through the window film?

The film allows through 90% of the natural light, but you cannot see through the window film.
You cannot see through the film at night, even with the light on inside.
However, you can get window film with cut-outs in the design, which you can look through.

Do you have someone that can come take measurements for me?

Yes, we can. We do not charge Extra for measurement or survey fee.
We visit your location and take the measurements and show the samples films as per your requirement in affordable prices.

Can these stickers be easily removed without leaving any residue?

All of our stickers, labels and decals will leave some residue, even the removable or repositionable adhesive. The longer the sticker, label or decal is on the surface, the potential for residue being left behind grows. However, with a little elbow grease and all-purpose cleaner, you should be able to remove the adhesive..

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO’s)?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders that get paid at a later date. Feel free to contact us about this.

If I order stickers today, can I get them tomorrow?

If you live close to our location in Bangalore, if you have the art work Ready we can give it same day or Next day. Certain products can be printed and delivered the next business day.

How fast can you get these stickers to me?

Each of our products have a different production time. With the longest are being roughly 3 business days to the shortest being 1 business day. Let's talk about what product you need to get you the correct production time.

How do I send my files to AFS STICKERING?

We offer the ability to upload files directly to our website or you can email them to us on . However when files are larger than 25MB, we recommend using a service like We transfer, Google drive or Drop Box.

Can you match the color you see in my image?

Yes, we can use products with spot colors and we can match CMYK, Pantone colors. With our digital 4 color process stickers, we can get to within 90% accuracy on color matching, we recommend you to give us the color codes in CMYK to get 100% Accuracy.

Can you make adjustments or add bleed to my artwork?

We can make most adjustments needed to almost any artwork, We will charge additional designing charges if it requires more changes.

Will the ink run off in the rain?

Most of our stickers either come with a lamination, or are screen printed, in which case, they're water resistant.

Should my print files be sent in CMYK or RGB mode?

All print files should be in CMYK mode as this is the mode required for the printing process. If we receive files in RGB mode, we'll need to convert them to CMYK, which may shift the colors some.

What material do you use to make stickers?

Our stickers are made from a highly durable Printable white vinyl or Grey Back Vinyl with a matte / Glossy finish that are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Can I apply transfer stickers to a painted surface?

Yes, but should wait 1 or 2 weeks after painting to apply your stickers. If you apply your stickers before the paint has set, bubbles may form under your sticker causing it to peel off soon.

What is the largest sticker you can make?

The largest size custom stickers we make is 48 inches x 120 inches. This includes die cut, kiss cut, circle, rectangle, square, oval, rounded corner, clear, and bumper stickers. We also offer wall graphics.

Do your stickers have a matte or gloss finish?

Our custom stickers have a both matte & Glossy finish. We offer as per your requirements.

Can Printed stickers be die cut?

Yes, Printed stickers can be die cut to any shape as per the Art work provided.

What material are your stickers made from?

Our custom stickers are printed on a thick, premium white Or Grey back vinyl known technically as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.