Work Station

Office Workstation:

We offer modern office workstation, exclusive office workstation, open desking system, work station, l shape office workstation and portable office workstation. We manufacture and export a wide range of Workstation Furniture to choose from. Manufactured from premium quality raw material, our workstation furniture is known not only for their comfortable seating but also for their superior styles and designs. We also meet customized requirement.

Capitalizing on the expertise and experience of our craftsmen and designers, we are capable of designing, manufacturing and distribution of an exquisite array of Modular Furniture. Aesthetically crafted, this furniture is manufactured using optimum quality raw material, which is sourced from reliable vendors. Additionally, we offer designing and installation of office interiors on turnkey basis with effective utilization of space. Our inexpensive assortment includes Modular Furniture, Office Furniture, Canteen Furniture and Modular Office Furniture.

Backed by a team of expert professionals, we have been able to deliver highly functional Modular Workstations that are manufactured using finest raw material. A part of our modern office furniture collection, our range encompasses office cubicles, office partitions, office workstations, panel systems, and many more. Acclaimed for aesthetic look, durability and comfortable, low maintenance, and efficient space utilization, this furniture can also be customized as per the needs and requirements of contemporary offices.


  • Contemporary and space saving design
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long lasting shine
  • Designed with excellence
  • Excellent finish

Glass Partitions :

Glass partitions or (glass partition walls) are high-quality, non-load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. Glass partition walls are great for opening up a room and creating open, airy work environments. Partition wall systems are typically full glass (ceiling to wall) partitions.

As a building material, this interior glass allows designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion. Glass partition walls are ideal for creating comfortable and practical office working environments. When you allow natural light to flow into a given space, it changes how shapes, colors, patterns, textures and people interact. Glass partition walls are also one of the simplest ways to update an office or commercial space.

Glass Partition System offers the utmost versatility in creating and customizing rooms. The system stands independently in combination with stainless steel components and toughened glass panels. The need for head fixing is not required in most applications, single point wall and floor fixings are all that are needed. Maximize your interior space with minimal cost with our sliding glass office partitions, glass cubicles, and privacy room enclosure walls made of the highest quality tempered or laminated glass. Improve the productivity and atmosphere with a variety of designs, glass types and frame finishes.

We offer high-quality interior glass doors for office spaces. Commercial offices, healthcare, hospitality, education, government offices, and a wide range of retail outfits and cool start-ups. Enhance workspace functionality by incorporating our wide range of modern interior glass door solutions into your project. We serve you the best range of wooden partition services, modern office glass partition, aluminum partition, aluminum office partition, aluminum partition wall and glass partition with effective & timely delivery.

Get the perfect balance between open collaborative spaces and closed areas where team members can create and innovate due to the freedom to customize flow and layout with high-end interior glass doors and office partitions and business centers. Our customized sliding, swing and bi-fold doors are all crafted from the highest quality glass and aluminum. Glass walls and partitions allow for natural light and easy customization to optimize functionality. Stacking glass doors open up a floor plan in seconds and easily slide closed to lock when desired. Interior glass doors promote flexibility and play a huge role in re-purposing space on the fly. A consultation room for example can be transformed into a conference room in moments. Sliding doors, swing doors and glass walls cater to client’s needs and enhance the usability of the space. Glass enclosures and conference rooms bolster heightened creativity.

From curves to straight lines, our customizable, designer partitions come in a range of design options, including sliding glass systems and the latest single and double-glazed frameless partition doors and office partition walls. Our framed partitions come in numerous finishes, from stylish wood, to narrow frame aluminum systems, and we carry the latest in frameless glass wall designs. Whether you’re looking to improve conference room partitions or to transform the office interior layout, we can provide something to suit your needs.

Designing a successful workplace requires flexibility, simplicity, and creativity. Installing partitions in the office is a perfect way to ensure that workspaces can adapt to changing demands, avoiding the limitations set by solid walls.


  • Glass partition wall systems are over time often more affordable than traditional building materials like drywall.
  • These commercial glass systems are scalable.
  • You can reconfigure and move glass partition walls to accommodate a wide array of needs.
  • As compared to sheetrock, glass partitions are a less permanent and more mobile solution.
  • Given their opacity, glass walls allow natural light into a work space.
  • Frameless glass walls reduce your need for additional lighting.
  • Glass partition walls obviously afford greater transparency.
  • Customers, clients and employees all appreciate seeing who they’re working with.
  • Partition walls create a greater feeling of openness and connectivity.


What material do you use in making different types of furniture?

Most of our wooden furniture ranges like office desks, conference tables, cabinets etc are manufactured using the highest quality of E1 grade MDF, hard wood and natural wood veneer that impart a rich and luxurious look and feel to the furniture. There are also some product ranges that are made with laminates.

What is MDF?

Medium density fiber board (MDF) is a high grade, composite material that performs better than solid wood in many areas. Made from recycled wood fibers and resin, MDF is machine dried and pressed to produce dense, dimensionally stable sheets. Its smooth, controlled surface allows it to be easily painted, carved, rounded and applied with wood veneers and is a world standard for manufactured furniture.

Can you use glass partitions in an office with a suspended ceiling?

Yes the glass partitions we have can be fitted to a suspended ceiling. The U channel should fixed directly to metal frame work of the suspended ceiling. The metal framework should then be reinforced above the ceiling tiles.

Can the glass partitions be cut down?

The glass is toughened which means it cannot be cut down or changed in anyway. However if our stock panels do not fit your requirement we can custom make glass panels to any shape or size.

How do the glass partitions join together?

A 5mm gap should be left between each glass panel and this gap should then be filled with clear silicon. This joins the glass panels together, adds strength and rigidity to the wall and significantly improves the sound proofing of the room.