If you’re looking to refresh a room, look no further than the extensive collection Wallpaper! Wallpaper is what we’re all about - from the freshest trends and styles to old classics. Throughout our collection, you can explore thousands of wallpaper designs to instantly transform your Home or Office by AFS STICKERING.

We have different kinds of wallpapers, such as Nonwoven wallpaper, PVC wallpaper with different materials, modem design wallpaper, hotel/project wallpaper with a different style and using situations, AFS STICKERING Wallpapers Comes with high quality and best price


Make your walls come alive with our wallcoverings, the wall treatment that dramatically transforms your interior space into works of art. Delicate color effects, surfaces inspired by subdued shades, multiple variations and play of lights and colors – these are lively touches created with a taste that lends personality to even the largest spaces.

These books offer a changing spectrum of designs for your walls – from plain, to geometric, to floral – making them highly adaptable to various types of applications both residential and corporate.

Add depth and a modern vibe to your interior with our 3D wallpaper and 3D effect wall murals. Marvel at the attractiveness and boldness of our 3D wall murals as the designs appear to leap off the wallpaper, adding a new dimension to your room. With vibrant colors, unique styles and dramatic designs, our selection of 3D wallpaper and 3D effect wall murals is anything but ordinary. An ideal choice for a funky bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, you can rest assured that our stunning 3D wallpaper designs will make sure your home has a unique and striking appeal.

Commercial Wallpaper:

Good-looking walls are not the only thing that you want for your space. Commercial wallpapers are stylish and bring more excitement to your walls than regular paint does while giving it a durable coating as well. Protecting your walls is essential especially if you want to safeguard the walls of your restaurant, salon, and school. The walls of these places need to be protected from spills or splashes.

Although commercial wallpaper might be more expensive than regular wallpapers, letting a professional install one in your wall will make everything worth it in the end. You’ll achieve the style that you want for your space while giving it a protective covering.

Thanks to today’s technology, commercial wallpapers are available in various designs and colors. This kind of wallpaper will also last for a very long time which is good if you want to save money in the future. Replacing your wallpaper often is a hassle and could be expensive as well. So choose a material that is durable like a commercial wallcovering.

Of course, when installing this type of wallpaper, everything will be finished faster if you hire a professional. Plus, professionals can deliver a flawless finished product for you. If you are thinking of investing in good commercial wallpaper, then you should also consider AFS STICKERING team who will install your wallcovering.

Residential Wallpaper:

Without wallpapers, your walls are going to look naked and dull. If you want your home to look stylish, you can use residential wallpaper instead of commercial type wallpaper. Since you don’t have to worry too much about spills, residential wallpaper is a cheap option for you.

Wallpapers let you show off your personality or make a room look livelier. There are no limits when it comes to residential wallpapers. You can have a modern design for your living room and have a girly or boyish design in your room. But it is easy to replace if you get bored with your previous wallpaper easily.

Having a stylish space is what everyone wants. Having one makes you feel more confident to welcome guests. Whether it’s your restaurant or home, investing in your walls is a must. If you want your wallpaper to last, then commercial wallpapers are the best for you. But if you want something that is cheap and stylish at the same time, residential wallpapers will also do the magic for you.

Customized wallpaper :

We customize wallpapers as per the size of your wall. Our speedy communication process assists you through a seamless experience. Customized Wallpaper is not a mere wall covering anymore, it has transcended into a piece of art itself. It has the capability to transform a room into any space your imagination can conjure! We are her to bring your imagination to your walls, with its exclusive range of customize wallpapers that can be customized to your discerning taste. Custom mural designs across categories like Nature, Floral, Texture, Seamless and many more which will amaze, stun and mesmerize you.

Customized Wallpaper, you choose to live, work and entertain in a space that defines you and your personality. Be it the boardroom or bedroom, living room or schools, AFS STICKERING Wallpaper can help you customized wallpaper for walls and transform your space however you want!

Whether you're looking for improvement to a single wall with a custom wallpaper mural, or to create a stunning environment within an entire showroom with digital printed wallpaper images, Add atmosphere to any colorless indoor environment or just cover up all those years of wear and tear. We can make it from your mind onto the wall.

Custom Wallpapers/Vinyl printing will be printed to your exact wall dimensions and in a range of colour styles.