Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Wall Graphics:

Creative office and corporate branding are perfect for displaying modern business values and beliefs. Positive work-spaces support employees who are reminded of their role in the office and the ideas they represent. Carefully designed office branding and office wall graphics transform space and improve happiness and productivity making for a fun and inviting place to work.

Stand out from the rest by turning your work space into a motivational and positive working environment with our unique and creative office wall stickers and graphics.

Each wall sticker is fully customizable to suit your brands ambitions and mottos. With a range of wall murals and printed company logos branding your workplace couldn't be easier. So take a look at our collection, end the era of boring walls and create a work place that everyone wants to work in and be a part of!

Corporate Office Design Wall Graphics

Themed office graphics look brilliant in spaces including reception areas, meeting rooms, board rooms and main offices spaces.

You can create custom Vinyl Wall Graphics for any wall space. Bring branding into the office space with your business logo, mission statement or slogan. Perfect for seasonal or long term signage for your retail, service business or restaurant. Decorate any room in your home with personalized messaging or designs.

Vinyl ranks supreme when it comes to custom stickers and decals. Because of its flexible durability it’s the perfect material to print high-quality functional stickers and decals on! There’s a lot of different vinyl material to customize stickers with and AFS STICKERING has the perfect one for you!

Vinyl Logo Stickers

No matter the size or shape of your logo, AFS STICKERING has your branding needs covered! Logo stickers are the perfect tool when it comes to raising brand awareness and are an inexpensive yet high effective promotional tool. Our logo stickers can be die-cut to the exact shape of your logo or chose from a variety of shapes to perfectly frame your logo.

Custom Vinyl Wall Graphics for Business

Add a splash of color to the office, branding in a public area or a vision of things to come in hallways & your business. From vinyl cut lettering to Wall graphics decals for a space all the way to custom printed wallpapers, you have many options. We have consulted & worked on hundreds of vinyl graphics projects to create unique environments.

Logo to custom decal, there are so many ways to use graphics in the office or corporate environment. Get in connect with AFS STICKERING for more Details.

Wall graphics can add spectacular imagery and color to an otherwise bland wall!

With the onset of wide format digital printing capabilities, walls have become great advertising vehicles and areas to add to your company's decor.

Most wall Graphics and wall murals are digitally printed vinyl with a protective over laminate to both protect the print and give the desired finish (gloss or matte). Additional options include digitally printed wallpapers - even textured printed wallpaper! The possibilities for design and images on the wall wrap are endless and only limited by your imagination. Whether a company logo imposed over a dramatic backdrop picture or a bold graphic to grab your customer's attention - wall graphics are the answer. Although wall graphics have become more popular in indoor applications, wall graphics can be used indoor or outdoor. Eye catching graphics!

Vinyl Cut Lettering/ Vinyl Decal:

Choose from a myriad of colored vinyl’s to custom cut your window lettering, numbering, or business logo to the exact shape of your design.
Cut your design from specialty color vinyl such as frosted, fluorescent, gold, and much more.
Commonly used for business names and logos, vehicle advertising and office decor.
Utilize your exterior space by creating unique and creative retail signage to promote products & services, offer privacy, or add decorative finishes. These can include
  • Full window coverage
  • Vinyl decals and cut letters
  • Frosted or perforated windows
  • Dimensional letters or Site signs

Vinyl Lettering Just How You Need It

Choose from over 30+ different colors of vinyl and have your lettering, numbering, or business logo cut to the exact shape you need for indoor or outdoor use. Designed mainly for indoor & outdoor use, custom wall decals are a great option for office, business, and retail walls as well as home decor.

Custom Vinyl Logo Stickers are versatile for unifying your brand, creating unique promotional material, or tailoring to your personal needs. Our vinyl labels and stickers are waterproof, durable and long lasting. Vinyl Cutting can be cut to your chosen design with a quick turnaround.

Vinyl graphics/ Vinyl Decal

Vinyl graphics are an effective and affordable way of customising your point of sale display. Your computerized graphic, logo or text is simply printed and neatly transferred onto your product, creating instant personalization.

We use a computer operated vinyl cutting machine which makes precise and accurate cuts along the self-adhesive vinyl of your chosen design.

Wall decal. A brilliant way to spruce up your walls

Turn boring walls into exciting works of art with Vinyl wall decal. A quick way to dress up any business space, removable wall decals can help transform any backdrop into a gorgeous and professional environment.

From offices to restaurants, wall prints can dramatically improve the look and feel of your business. This simple upgrade makes a huge difference to your brand without putting a dent in your pocket. 

3 Reasons Why You Should do Vinyl Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way to instantly add a pop of color to a plain wall. Although they are often used to decorate homes, wall decals are now seen in various offices and retail spaces.  

Wondering if you should use wall decals in the office? Here are 3 reasons why you should.

Vinyl Wall decal doesn’t cost a lot compared to other forms of decorating. The price depends on the size you need. 

Fresh paint on your walls is not only expensive; it is also time-consuming. Applying wall decals takes the trouble out of painting walls, so you can focus on more important matters. 

Wall decals are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You can choose your own sizes to match your specifications.

One Way Vision Film:

One way Vision film vinyl consists of micro-puncture holes that are small enough to see though, yet big enough to maintain a high-quality image. One Way Vision is an innovative media Ideal for external use on building or vehicle windows. You can create new advertising, sign and decor opportunities without obstructing the view. It allows the full graphics image to be seen on one side and still allows viewing through a window from the other side.
Add privacy to your custom design or decor. One Way Vision let you see out while blocking people from seeing in.

One way vision vinyl’s are great for transforming rows of glass windows into the ultimate branding tool. This is a great solution for displaying custom messages and images with a unique one way vision finish. The special 1.6mm perforated vinyl means your custom printed graphics will be visible from the outside, while retaining a tinted see-through view from the inside. This retains complete privacy on the inside (in daylight only)
Commonly used for storefront & Front Elevation Glasses graphics where privacy and shade is required.

Despite its perforations one way vinyl still offers an excellent full colour print. We print our one way vision vinyl on our UV digital roll feed printers, One Way Vision Vinyl with clear solvent acrylic adhesive. The PVC offers a high dimensional stability and is suitable for applications on flat glass surface.

Printable perforated window film with a 60/40 hole ratio designed for use on commercial vehicles, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, petrol stations, forecourt displays, window advertising, public transport and shop windows.

One Way Vision (Retail Wall Graphics)

  • Give your retail space a fresh makeover with a splash of color that can be customized to promote sales. Our materials and finishes are Cost effective and durable.
  • Easily cleaned, removed, or replaced.
  • Installed with minimum to no disruption to your business.
  • Printable at any size with seamless installation
  • we coordinate from the design to production and final installation to ensure the job gets done seamlessly.

Clear Printing or Transparent Glass Film:

Clear Printing are great for when you need to see your product with Clear Film, and they work well for Office Branding, storefronts. Clear Printing can help your or product to stand out as they Appear nearly transparent when applied on glass.

Clear Printing are designed for Indoor use and we offer custom shapes that are laser cut so we can get the perfect size and shape for your business needs.

Clear vinyl stickers look great on any transparent surface, from Office Glass or house windows to. In fact they're sometimes called ‘Window Decals.’ Clear stickers look great on Clear glass, Clear stickers show off your design with minimal obstruction of whatever is behind it.

Our clear vinyl stickers undergo a rigorous printing process that involve printing on the Transparent film under the design, meaning they share the same rich, vibrant colors as our white vinyl stickers.

Clear stickers are basic. Simply leave the area that you want clear as a transparency layer in the background. In other words, whatever is transparent in your file will not be printed and remain clear on your sticker.

Clear stickers are also a fantastic idea for any window-facing business. Customize your clear stickers with business logos, sales, wifi passwords, or any information you need your clientele to see. Best of all, Clear prints beautifully vibrant on clear vinyl, so any design or logo you have that uses white is guaranteed to be noticed. Our clear stickers can be printed either front or back facing (which makes them terrific for mirrored surfaces as well), in any size or any shape. All our clear stickers are easily removable without residue, which means you can stick them anywhere anytime that’s convenient for you.


What is One way Vision Film?

The One Way Vision film is white on one side with a removable adhesive and black perforated reverse giving a clear view from the inside.

Why One Way Vision?

if you are a business owner, homeowner, or vehicle owner, you might want to consider adding perforated vinyl window film or custom window decals to your property. With perforated window film, you open new promotional opportunities by turning your storefront doors and windows into attention-grabbing advertisements. Window film is applied to the exterior of your window and viewed from the exterior which will attract consumers while providing privacy to your establishment. Perforated window film can even be customized to advertise interior and upcoming exterior events. With window film allows onlookers to see the sign one side without causing a distraction to customers who might be looking out.

What material is One Way Vision/perforated window Film made out of?

One Way Vision Film are made from a Self-adhesive vinyl material. This material provides a great looking on the Glass that is also durable enough to withstand exterior use. It consists of a 60:40 ratio of micro punctures to solid surface.

What is the lifespan of your One Way Vision/perforated window Film

The estimated lifespan of our perforated window decals is 2+ years with proper installation and maintenance. The lifespan can vary quite a bit depending on the situation and usage.
Perforated decals placed on interior windows like an office setting can easily last 3+ years. Decals used on the exterior of a storefront that is located in a harsh climate may last anywhere from 2-3 years.

What are One Way Vision/perforated window Film typically used for?

The two most common uses of a custom perforated window decal are exterior storefronts and internal offices. One Way Vision for exterior storefronts are a great way to attract customers, obscure outside visibility for security reasons and add professionalism to any store. Likewise, One Way Vision for internal offices can provide privacy for an office while still allowing them to see out. The same could be said of conference and break rooms. These are just a couple of examples but One Way Vision due to their one way visibility is a sought after window sign in a variety of businesses and situations.

How do I clean my One Way Vision?

Your One Way Vision can be cleaned on a regular basis by using a damp cloth or rag that is non-abrasive in nature. Simply wipe down the One Way Vision to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated. The decal should not be scrubbed vigorously but rather gently wiped. Likewise, power washers and strong cleaners should not be used as they can damage the One Way Vision.

What is the difference between a Clear Printing sticker & Vinyl Printing Sticker?

Clear sticker will give you Transparency layer in the background; Whereas Vinyl Sticker will give blocks your transparency layer of the glass.