Sun Control Films

Reflective Sun Control Film - One Way Tint:

Sun control Film while economical than its conventional counterpart is available in different shades and in a range of light transmission. These benefits make Energy Saving Sun control Window Films an ideal option to enhance safety and aesthetics in Residential & Commercial projects. It has range of films catering to different requirements and segments which are widely used for Residential purpose, Corporate Offices, Banks, ATM Centers, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Showrooms, IT & BPO Companies, Food Industry, Pharma Industry etc
  • Excellent for heat rejection and glare reduction.
  • Metalized layer in film giving a mirrored appearance.
  • Professional quality - used by most professional tint shops.
  • Non-Fade - Scratch Resistant.
  • Prevents UV light for skin conditions and fading of fabrics etc.
  • Internal Application
  • Window Film Colour
Reflective Films are coated with a micro-thin,partially transparent layer of metal and have a mirror like finish. They prevent visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night. Total solar energy rejection is on higher side. Self-adhesive. Reduces solar heat, glare and UV by over 80%.

Reflective Mirror Privacy Window Film

This silver mirror window film can help reduce heat and glare by up to 80%. It will also give you excellent daytime privacy. This Mirrored film is suitable for all types of flat glass windows. It can be used in the home or office it is the highest quality professional window film.
Our Mirror Silver privacy window film works by reflecting whichever side is brightest. Meaning it is fantastic for external facing glazing where the sunlight is brighter than the artificial light. Once fitted, it is entirely resistant to moisture and condensation, Reduces Solar Heat and gives excellent one-way vision during the day. Another benefit of Reflective Silver Window Film is its ability to reduce 98% of UV light (the main cause of fading), The side with the most light will be mirrored in appearance and the side with the least light will allow a one-way viewing experience, the ability to see through the glass.
The Reflective Mirror Window film is used to reduce Glare or Excessive Solar heat, the Mirrored film can reduce heat transmitted through the glass by as much as 80%, this can make an enormous difference to the usability of glass rooms and conservatories during summer, the Silver Reflective Window Film is a great way to upgrade your glazing, covering your windows with this product is a great alternative, to old-fashioned net curtains/blinds.
The Mirror Silver One Way Film, is designed to be permanent so will be very durable long term and is easy to maintain and clean, should you decide to remove the product, it can be removed, with either a steamer or scrapper.
This product is also known by the following other names,  Sun Control film, Tinted film, Silver Privacy One Way Window Tinting Film, Silver Solar Control Window Tint,  Silver Reflective Glass Film, Internal Silver Reflective Window Foil,  Mirrored Silver Glass Film,  Sticky Back Plastic Mirror Glass Covering Silver & Mirror Privacy Window Film.

Non reflective Sun Control film:

Non reflective films were dyed in mainly bronze and grey tints and were available in various densities of colour from a 70% density which was very light, to a 5% density, which was the darkest.
These non-reflective films are very efficient in reducing glare (visible light) as well as ultra violet light. Their performance on heat reduction is generally poor. However when a potential client wants to cut glare and ultra violet, but still requires the heat from the sun, non-reflective film is utilized.

  • Limited for heat rejection and glare reduction.
  • Non-Metalized layer in film giving a Clear View.
  • Non-Fade - Scratch Resistant.
  • Prevents UV light for skin conditions and fading of fabrics etc.
  • Internal Application
  • Non Reflective Films are normal tinted films which primarily cuts the heat.

The life expectancy of a non-reflective film is very limited as it only consists of one dyed film, whereas other reflective and semi reflective films consist of a lamination of many films.
The use of non-reflective window film will eliminate the need for blinds, awnings and distasteful shades and reduce fading and still allow for perfect natural vision.
The very light non reflective films are also recommended for shop windows as it does not alter the colour of articles on display. Non reflective films also come in various thicknesses as some consumers require fade resistance, glare resistance as well as excellent safety protection. Windows can shatter at any moment, causing huge damage to property and injury to personnel. Non reflective safety film will hold the glass together and reduce these risks.
Non reflective window film, are available in 3 grades of tints. They are used mainly for aesthetic reason and to help control solar glare, they are of particular use where there is a need to control light levels and when a non-mirrored/reflective finish is not required.
The non-reflective window film, capable of providing great glare reduction which in turn makes it Ideal for most commercial or residential applications without substantially altering the external appearance of a building. Another added benefit to the film is its ability to filter out virtually all UV rays which is the main cause of fading furnishing and fabrics in the Office or home.


What is window film?

Window film is a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces. It is used as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on cars, homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control, safety and appearance.

Is it easy to keep clean?

Yes. Simply wipe over with a damp lint-free cloth

Is window film suitable for bathrooms?

The film is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and resistant to condensation, but avoids direct contact with water.

Sun control film is applied on any surface?

Solar control window films are best suited for plain glass. It is not recommended for non-smooth surfaces or even smooth surfaces other than glass. It might stick to certain smooth plastics like polycarbonate and acrylic, but the film may not last as long.

To what extent does Reflective Sun control film reduce the amount of heat let in through the windows?

The amount of heat and light that’s let in depends on the type of solar control film used. We have a range of products to suit needs. For instance, the Sun control reflective films reject heat up to 98%.

How long does solar control film last after it is applied on the glass?

The life of the film depends on various factors like how it’s applied, orientation of the window, location etc. There have been cases of film lasting for more than 10 years.

Is there a Suncontrol window film that provides one-way visibility at all times of the day or night?

There is no film that provides one-way visibility at all times. However, Suncontrol reflective films prevent visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night.

Is there a film with zero visibility?

Blackout film that completely blocks light, thus preventing visibility from both sides.

How is blocking UV rays helpful?

UV rays pose a health risk, since excessive exposure can cause skin cancer, premature ageing of the skin, cataracts and other eye problems. They also cause furniture and upholstery to fade. Suncontrol is a UV-stabilised dyed polyester film that can cut out upto 98% of UV rays. However, it should be noted that UV rays is just one of the components in the solar energy spectrum. Other components such as heat, infra-red radiation and light also cause fading. The degree of protection offered differs from film to film, so the extent of fading will depend on the type used.

How does it save energy?

Sun control film reduces the amount of heat let in through the windows, rendering the air-conditioning more effective and keeping the interiors cool. The air-conditioners don’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature down and need less energy. This also extends the life of the air-conditioners. The extent of power saved will depend on the type of film used since different films have different heat rejection properties.

Do Sun control films offer protection against scratches?

Wide range is available with or without scratch-resistant coating (SRC). This is very useful, especially in cases where the glass needs to be in pristine condition, like shopfronts, restaurant windows, display cases etc. The windows can be cleaned on a regular basis without concerns about unsightly scratches.