We are proud to offer frosted and Sun control installation service and a full range of window film solutions. Our increasing range of innovative products and state of the art equipment means we are perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirement

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We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards, constantly pushing the boundaries of printing.

Our frosted glass vinyl graphics simulate the effect of etched glass. Frosted glass vinyl film allow light to get through but it is opaque enough to provide privacy for conference rooms or other sensitive areas. The options are endless — you can put a simple frosted glass vinyl logo on your door, use it as privacy film or even cover an entire conference glass wall for a brilliant frosted effect.




We are a vibrant company with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide you with the right solutions for your furnishings needs, according to your budget.

Our comprehensive range of products – from Frosted films, Sun control films, curtains and blinds to wallpaper and Vinyl and Wooden flooring – provides you the convenience of a one-stop-shop solution. We provide the best quality materials with unique and exclusive range!!

From enquiry to quotation and bespoke recommendation to installation, we are here to support you every step of the way with our friendly and prompt customer service, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the completed interior look with your chosen AFS STICKERING!!


We call it frosted window film, frosted glass film or window frosting film. Just don’t call it fablon! We have a wide selection of privacy window films.

You name it, we probably have it. We have a wide range of frosted films, plain, patterned or printed; we also do solar control films for when things get too hot or too bright, safety films to make old glass secure, stained glass film to give your windows that period look, and a whole range of bespoke products , printed wallpaper and Customized frosted.

Window film is a thin sheet of plastic, usually vinyl or polyester which is designed to stick or cling to the surface of glass and for a variety of uses – be it for privacy, decorative, solar or safety requirements.

We have a large range of products manufactured exclusively for Purlfrost, backed with our trademark paper which has a metric grid printed on it for ease of marking and cutting.

Most of our internal window films last for 10 year, once applied correctly and would usually last much longer, unless you fancy a change!

We’re often asked about a mirror film that allows you to look out, but people can’t see in. Mirror film is in effect a Reflective window film, commonly used on commercial properties. It works as intended only during daytime hours, as the level of light inside needs to be lower than outside. So at night, it works in reverse.

Alternative solutions:

  • Use a frosted film but do not cover the whole window, position it so that it is slightly above eye level to prevent passersby from looking directly into your room. You can still leave an area clear to enjoy your view.
  • Use a partial obscure Window Film. Some areas are clear, some are frosted. This will not create total privacy, but will deter onlookers as they shall have to get close to the glass to see through.

Solar control films are made of several layers, including a metallized layer, designed to control the amount of sunlight and infra red light going through the glass. The darker the film, the more effective it is, so be prepared to sacrifice some daylight. Window film is applied internally directly to the glass, and the effect is immediate.

Frost film is premium grade vinyl film, specially designed to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass.  It’s a little like contact, however designed and developed specifically for windows, and to withstand a harsh environment.

It’s easy to clean (just give it a wipe).

Frequently Asked Questions About Frost & Co

What is Frost & Co frosted glass film?

Frost & Co window film is a premium grade  sign making vinyl film, specially designed to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass.  It’s a little like contact, however designed and developed specifically for windows, and to withstand a harsh environment.

It’s easy to clean (just give it a wipe).

It won’t crack or peel in the sun (like cheaper films) and comes with premium quality.

The film lets in the light, but gives you complete privacy even at night with the lights on.

The film can be used inside or outside, in bathrooms and laundries.  However we do not recommend it is used behind a stove, or on the inside of a shower screen.
If you ever decide to change designs or you want to look out your window again, it simply peels off without damaging the glass.

Yes. You can create a specific design to match your needs – if you want a logo cut into your office door… words… patterns… cut outs – and if you need help with deciding what will work best for you, we can assist you.

The film allows through 90% of the natural light, but you cannot see through the window film.
You cannot see through the film at night, even with the light on inside.

However, you can get window film with cut-outs in the design, which you can look through.

Yes, we can. We do not charge Extra for measurement or survey fee.
We visit your location and take the measurements and show the samples films as per your requirement in affordable prices.